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        1. IFEElevatorsto

          A large professional elevator enterprise that integrates R&D, design, production, installation and after-sales service

          About Us

          International Certification

          The development and quality standard of IFE Elevators has been recognized by international institution and encouraged us to move forward.

          • ISO 9001:2008
          • ISO14001:2004
          • OHSAS18001:2007
          • EU-CE Machine Room Elevator
          • EU-CE Machine Room-less Elevator
          • CE Moving Walk
          • EAC-RU-Machine-Room-Elevator
          • EAC-RU Machine Roomless Elevator
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          technology patent

          • Elevator Travelling Cable Touching and Scuffing Protection
          • Escalator Skirting Low Friction Painting Process
          • Elevator Car Unintended Movement Protection
          • Elevator Pit Water Level Detection and Handling
          • Elevator Power Failure Emergency Leveling and Protection
          • One Car Elevator Positon Detection
          • One High-speed Elevator Speed Monitoring Method
          • One Elevator Transformer Protection Method
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