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          IFE wins the Indian railway project, and the public transport s

          emitiendo tiempo:2017-11-10 11:40:47   Editor: IFE Elevators   

              With the enhancement of the strength of national elevator brand enterprises, in recent years, the number of elevator projects undertaken by national elevator brands has continued to improve. Recently, in the overseas public traffic engineering elevator project to spread good news again, in a bid to north railway station in India NothCentralRailways project public bidding, the pleasure of the elevator in many international well-known brand competition, relying on excellent product quality and advanced product development philosophy, finally successfully won the bid

              This project is located in the historic city of uttar pradesh southwest, the yamuna river in the west bank agra, as Indian mughal empire's capital is located and important tourist city, known as the taj mahal is one of the seven wonders of the world, o la red fort and other places of interest are the human history of rare masterpiece. It is understood that as the world's railway running mileage ranks fourth in India, the railway transportation has been an important basic construction projects, and also is the Indian authorities efficient solutions to cope with the rapid growth of the population flow. Agra as an important water road transportation center and transport uttar pradesh region, a total of more than five railway and highway intersection here, so India NothCentral Railways project for elevator products, must be more strict requirements and standards, is a multiple test of technical environment.
              Pleasure of elevator as one national elevator brand listed companies in China (stock code: 002774), has nearly 20 years of development, in the elevator in such aspects as design, development, installation, maintenance technology in the industry advantage. In large public traffic engineering project bidding, the pleasure of the elevator also, frequently in the field has accumulated rich experience, has left many excellent works in multiple countries around the world, in new Delhi metro, LRT, Manila, Philippines - 2 light rail, Australia Karratha, Singapore Airport Airport metro light rail in Jakarta, Indonesia (SMRT) international Airport projects are inscribed "IFE" pleasure of elevator brand. The current products have been marketing to 33 countries and regions in the world, especially in Singapore, has accumulated for Singapore HDB, overland transportation authority such as multiple projects to provide the more than 6000 units, six years in a row Singapore HDB strategic suppliers for core elevator (HDB).

              At present, the pleasure of the elevator is positive for India NothCentral Railways project organized a group of outstanding technical team, with rich experience in overseas market service and advanced product development philosophy, will bring the gulag residents more safe, comfortable, convenient take a ladder to experience.

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