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        1. IFEElevatorsto


          Descripción del producto

          Whether it is airport, shopping mall or other shipping needs, whether it is public building or commercial building, IFE Graces series escalators always provide customers with the most suitable solution. The overall design of Graces escalators inherits IFE’s mission of “committed to providing safe, comfortable and efficient delivery system solutions”, and gives the escalator more flexibility in the design process.

          Características del producto

          • Safe and durable

            The advanced computer control system of IFE Graces escalators is matched with high strength truss structure to ensure the safety and durability.
          • Flexible design

            Focusing on product details and application of escalators, IFE Graces escalators have more flexible design, provide customers with a luxurious visual experience and adopt user-friendly design in escalator transmission interface, so that the passengers the enjoy the comfort and relaxation in the journey and make the gorgeous business environment more colorful.
          • Energy efficient

            IFE Graces escalators use new control system that integrates computer control board and inverter and a powerful drive system, and save both space and energy.
          • Modular design

            The module design of IFE Graces escalators makes the installation of each escalator meet the different needs of different buildings. Diversified materials and colors of the handrails and skirt boards match the building’s interior style and meet the aesthetic needs of different buildings.
          • Comfortable riding

            The drive system of IFE Graces escalators reduces the vibration and noise generated in the process of escalator running and improves the riding experience. The running speed of handrail belts and stairs is calibrated accurately to ensure the riding comfort. The noise and vibration of the escalator are rigorously tested to ensure safe, smooth and comfortable operation.


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