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        1. IFEElevatorsto


          Descripción del producto

          FPA car elevator has the advantages of high performance, high reliability, high efficiency.

          Características del producto

          • Control method

            Adopt of a new generation integrated controller, integrating the close-loop control technology, CANBUS communication technology, distance control, direct parking, multi CPU operation, is the perfect combination of technology and elevator.
          • Power drive

            Variable voltage variable frequency to control the speed which enhanced the comfort level during elevator starting, operating and parking. This is also greatly reduced the starting current and the capacity of power.
          • Door Control

            VVVF door operator makes the door operation more smoothly, efficiently reduced the noise and ensure the uniformity between car door and landing door.
          • Leveling accuracy

            High accuracy encoder generates the precise speed feedback signal which enhanced the levelling accuracy of elevator.
          • Maintenance

            Control system monitor and record the elevator comprehensively hence reduced the time if attending any breakdown.
          • Structure

            Adopt high strength steel and spare parts which is heavy duty, durable and easy to maintenance.


          No Items Standard
          1 Rated load(kg) 3000
          2 Speed(m/s) 0.5
          3 Control Method Full selective collection
          4 Driving Method VVVF driving
          5 Door Operator VVVF door operator
          6 Traction Machine AC Geared
          7 Control System CTRL70
          8 Communication Method Serial communication
          9 Car Size(mm)
          10 Door Opening
          (mm) (W*H)
          Four panels center opening
          11 Travel(m) ≤45
          12 Shaft Size(mm) (W*D) Dual Entrance 4100*6400
          13 Traction machine position Inside the machine room or inside the shaft
          14 Overhead (mm) 4300
          15 Pit (mm) 1500
          16 Rated power(kW) 15
          17 Rated current(A) 30.3
          18 Main power supply &cable size 380V,50Hz,3-phase 5-wire,zero wire and ground wire separated, requirement refer to construction drawings

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