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        1. IFEElevatorsto


          Descripción del producto

          ATLAS-JO machine room-less elevator is developed by our company which adopts the permanent magnet synchronous gearless, VVVF Drive and Inverter door system with the features of environmental protection, energy conservation, safety, reliability and smoothness.

          Características del producto

          • Control Technology

            ATLAS-JO adopts new generation of intelligent vector elevator integration controller, including closed-loop vector control technology, CANbus communication technology, distance control, multi-CPU operation technology, the use of assembly and C language programming, which is the combination of industrial control technology, communication technology and traditional elevator technology.
          • Electric drive

            permanent magnet synchronous gearless motor drive,Compared with worm gear drive elevator, the total transmission efficiency of electric drive increase from 55% to 95%, energy- saving 40%, without using oil and more friendly to environment.
          • Door open and close control

            By using VVV door operator control system, the door opening and closing of ATLAS-JO is smoother with less noise, which ensures the landing door and car door action at the same time.
          • Floor display

            Adopt the LED large dot matrix LED display, clear and bright.
          • Car structure

            Use high-strength high-quality steel and supporting components, which is durable and maintained easily .
          • Construction

            No machine room, saving the construction cost, reducing the height of the building, and providing more flexible design space for architects, so that the building can be well-designed.


          No. Items Standard
          1 Rated load(kg) 1000 1500 2000
          2 Speed(m/s) 0.5 0.5 0.5
          3 Control method Full selective collection
          4 Driving method VVVF driving
          5 Door operator VVVF door operator
          6 Traction machine Permanent magnet synchronous gearless 
          7 Control system CTRL70
          8 Communication method Serial communication
          9 Car size
          Single opening 1400*1600*2200 1600*2100*2200 1800*2300*2200
          10 Door opening size(mm) (W*H) 1200*2100  SO 1400*2100 SO 1600*2100 4CO
          11 Travel (m) ≤45 ≤45 ≤45
          12 Shaft size(mm)(W*D) Single opening 2400*2100 2600*2600 3150*2700
          13 Traction machine position Inside the shaft  
          14 Overhead (mm) 3700 4200 5200
          15 Pit (mm) 1500 1500 1500
          16 Rated power(kw) 3.4 5.5 7.4
          17 Rated current(A) 7.5 17 16
          18 Main power &cable size   
          (Single unit)
          380V,50Hz,3-phase 5-wire,zero wire and ground wire separated, requirement refer to construction drawings
              3*6mm2+2*6mm2 BVVB 3*10mm2+2*6mm2 BVVB

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